Handmade in the UK for The Store, this Relaxing reed diffuser is created using a natural vegetable base and essential oils. The calming scents of geranium, sweet orange, lavender, lavandin & ylang ylang are pulled from the bottle and drawn up through the rattan reeds, adding a fragrance to the room they are in.  


The 100ml high quality aromatic oil within the bottle is blended with a vegetable derived, alcohol & glycol free base.


The fragrance will last for approx 3 months - keep away from heat to enjoy a lasting fragrance. You can prolong the life and intensity of the fragrance of your diffuser by removing the reeds, carefully turning them upside down and replacing in the bottle once a week and replacing the reeds entirely when you refill. 1x ten pack or 2 x ten packs are available to add on.


Bottle contains: 100ml

Reed length: 8.5 inches approx (can be trimmed to size)

Relaxing Diffuser Refill